01/12/2023 to 02/12/2023


10:00 PM


Zagreb, Croatia

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About the tour

At the Endorphin Festival, Klubska Scena will present a new website and celebrate 22 years of work! 37 DJs from Croatia and the region, 27 hours of music, over 20 collectives, 3 floors and the ENDORPHIN festival, which is inspired by hormones of happiness. Each of the 3 floors are named after the hormones of happiness – dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin.

It plays a role in reward and pleasure, and is often associated with motivation and enjoyment. Dopamine in Boogaloo will make techno and goa/psy trance music lovers happy as it is associated with listening to faster tempo music. This happiness hormone can also be secreted by enjoying peanuts.

Canis Lupus (Red Riding Hood) b2b Dalton Trance Teleport (Blue Tunes Chillout)
Commissar Lag (Rekids, Mord)
DJ Jock (Roots) b2b Shipe (Future Scope)
Jah Pants (Dancing Warriors)
Lunar Dawn (Area 53)
Manitu b2b Smalltown Boy (Baraka collective)
Richma (ChiliBar)
Tech Rule (Feel Pleasure)
Trim b2b Uran B. (Hapësira, Kosovo)

Known as the “love hormone” or “bonding hormone,” it is released during intimate moments, but it also plays a role in social bonding and trust. Oxytocin in Boogaloo will be associated with the house floor because house music is the most sensual at our festival and is associated with love, connection, a feeling of closeness, a hug.

2odd b2b Alain b2b Coem (Sarajevo Matinee, BiH)
Andreas b2b Grenco (Greenlight Collective)
Animula b2b Jerpa (Sinergia, Slovenia)
Einfakinn b2b Stephanie Prekali
Marcel (Liminal) b2b Marin Biočić (Seriously Twisted)
Yakka b2b Hudi (MYUZ)

It is associated with feelings of happiness, contentment and mood regulation. Serotonin in Boogaloo will be a drum and bass floor because good exercise is essential for its secretion, and what better tempo than 160-180 BPM. Foods that will regulate this hormone of happiness are dark chocolate and bananas.

B as Borna b2b Flowmo (Penthouse DnB)
Cue Surprise (Olive Sessions)
DMT (Drop)
FrenkyBoy (Drum&Bass)
Minimalist (Inline skates)
Richo b2b Win Co. (Olive Session)
VRH (Metnem)

Inspired by the chemical formulas of the hormone of happiness, we tried our best to make the audio-visual experience of the Endorphin Festival equally inspiring and exciting. The festival will pay a lot of attention to the visual aspects, which are in charge of Revnesansa. The new Club Scene website, which will soon see the light of day, brings fresh aesthetics and functionality to provide visitors with the best possible experience. The Endorphin Festival thus represents a new phase in the evolution of the portal’s already impressive history, bringing fresh concepts and ideas.